Hobo Pies (Campfire Food)

“You know anything you eat around the campfire, especially after being outside all day, is the best thing you’ve ever eaten. (Even better if you’re cold and hungry).”

The great thing about hobo pies is you can put anything in them. It’s kind a like stone soup, anything you can scrounge up goes into the hobo pie, and the hobo pie goes into the fire.

We used sausage, potatoes, cheese, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, and some Italian herbs, all chopped up and wrapped in two layers of thick foil and some leftover salad dressing as a sort of seasoning.

It is important to insure a good wrap on these so that they don’t fall apart when you move them around in the fire. To do this place one tinfoil sheet down and put the contents in the middle, then roll the edges over them sort of like a burrito. Fold the ends flat and roll them towards the center, once you have done that to one end you can add in the dressing or sauce if you choose to do that. Write you name with a marker on the inner layer and then repeat the process with the second one.

Next comes preparing the fire. You need to build it up first to get good embers to cook on so once it seems at a manageable size, don’t put in any more fuel and try to break up the remaining logs with a green stick or fire prod. Remember that once a stick goes in the fire, it stays in the fire to make sure there is no risk of catching things alight.

Once there are no more flames left, go ahead and place the pies on the embers to cook for around 15 minutes or until you hear sizzling. Flip them over, and continue to cook them for around 10 more minutes. To move them in around in the fire we used large kitchen tongs to flip them and take them out of the fire.

This meal is easy to prepare in a pinch and is best shared with stories and S’mores at the end, Enjoy!


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